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Our website design studio in central London offers a wide range of design and development services for businesses of all sizes.

Our design services are at the very root of what Natural History does. We started out as a product design studio in 2009, and all of our work is infused with our keen love of design and our practical, hands on expertise in what makes a design sell.

We can step in at any phase of a project, designing or redesigning your website or refining an existing design with improved UI.


How We Design Your Site

When you work with Natural History, the first thing we do is explore that important area between your business goals and your ideal customers’ expectations. We examine your product range, your competitors and your users’ online behaviour to construct an outline of your ideal website.

With that foundation in place we start designing. Starting with mock-ups, we sketch out some alternative layouts and designs for the front page of your website in Photoshop. Then we start refining and honing our design until we have captured your brand’s vision.

When you and your team have approved these initial designs, we can start working on interior pages such as products and services, check-out for ecommerce sites, blogs and contact pages. We pay keen attention to even the smallest details. From the shade of a button on hover to the style of your social media icons, the design and consistency of every single element matters.

When we have a full set of designs, or wireframes for the site, we can move on to the development phase.

Depending on the size of your project, we can conduct our research and get the first designs to you in about two weeks. We look at all projects sensibly and realistically, we base our design work around what we know we can build within your overall budget.

Natural History Website Design Studio

Need Something Faster?

If your project is smaller or on a tight timeframe, we can build your website live, without the need for the wireframes stage. This allows you to see what is happening in real time. Although there is less design flexibility, we can keep costs down and turn a high quality site around for you in less than a week if necessary.

Standalone Design Services

Some of our clients have their own in house development teams and just want an external website design studio to provide designs ahead of a big rebuild. We are often called in to provide a set of designs or UI guidelines, and can deliver these with a short turnaround to get your own development team up and running.

Whether you need a full set of wireframes, a complete UX/UI report or just a set of designs for one element of your site, such as a checkout or landing page, we can help.

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