Natural History AdWords Campaigns

An AdWords Agency in London

As an AdWords Agency in London we manage effective and comprehensive AdWords campaigns that will complement our web design and SEO services to put your website and products in front of your ideal customers.

We do extensive research into your customer base, their online behaviour, their location and your competitors to track the keywords that will bring them to your website, and build wide-ranging campaigns targeting a substantial number of keywords and long-tailed keywords to get the best possible value from your AdWords budget.

Landing Pages

In addition to using the Google AdWords platform to build your campaign, with a wide range of keywords and conditions to make sure that we target the best possible customers for you, we build stylish and effective landing pages to make sure that they reach the most relevant content when the get to your website.

A landing page is a page designed around a particular product or service, that comprehensively describes your service and features a call to action that invites the user to buy your product or service. The user can learn everything they need to know about that product right there on the landing page, and does not need to visit other pages on your website in order to make the initial decision to take action (by clicking on the call to action, for instance).

Landing page design is an art, as users typically click away (or bounce) within a few seconds of reaching your page, even if they have clicked on an ad (costing you money!) so it is important to make sure that the first glance really sells your product and enticingly urges the user to share their data with you.

We can design a full set of landing pages to complement your AdWords campaign to make the absolute best of your advertising investment, allowing you to track and measure the campaign’s success without any guesswork.

Natural History AdWords Campaigns

Campaign Management

When your campaign is up and running, we can stay with you to manage it for you, monitoring and analysing the results. We can then edit and adjusting ad wording, structure and spend for different keywords, and nudging your campaign towards maximum return on investment and the best possible cost per conversion.



Integrated Campaigns

In order to get the most out of your AdWords campaign, you need a set of landing pages for each ad group, but in addition to this, a fully integrated campaign that brings AdWords, SEO and website design together will produce the best results for your business.

Although AdWords campaigns do not impact your organic search rankings, when each page is designed with your marketing campaign in mind, fully optimised for search engines and further boosted by a PPC campaign, your site will reach the greatest number of people possible, and when each page has been designed with conversions in mind, with keyword-rich content, engaging and eye-catching design and enticing calls to action, you are more likely to have a lower bounce rate and higher conversions.

SEO and AdWords go hand in hand, and we can manage an AdWords campaign for you side by side with your SEO campaign to maximise your results.

As an AdWords agency in London, we are on hand to discuss your campaign face to face, and we have extensive experience driving campaigns for local businesses targeting specific postcodes and demographics around the city.

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