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  • New Product: BKF Butterfly Chair

    What is there to say about this iconic chair?  

    Designed in 1938 by Jorge Ferrari-Hardoy, it is also known as the Hardoy or BKF chair.  Its beautiful lines, hardwearing and flexible leather cover and unmatched design heritage made this (in our humble opinion) the most desirable "hero" chair out there, and we couldn't resist carrying it at Natural History Mercantile this season.

    Our chairs are quite simply the finest you will find, and are made in Argentina, shipping to you directly from the workshop.

    Order yours now today and have a piece of design history in your home.

  • New Product: Josie Shenoy Prints

    Josie Shenoy's intricate and beautifully coloured illustrations were the very first product we chose for the new Natural History Mercantile, and we are in love with her drawings of London, whales and parades.  Our favourites are the Seafaring and Parade prints.  

    Keep an eye out for our Q&A with her in a couple of weeks, when we learn about her favourite things and how she works.

    Order one of her beautiful prints HERE today.

  • New Product: Soru Charm Collection

    I don't wear a lot of jewellery, so when I do, it has to be something I adore, and when I saw this wonderful collection from Soru, a London jewellery studio founded by Sicilian sisters Francesca and Marianna, I knew that this really was love.

    The vivid blue of the Lapis Charm Bracelet jumped out at me right away, but the lovely Rose Quartz charm bracelet won me over too with its delicate soft pink and rose gold tones.

    Which do you prefer?  Order your favourite today right here.



  • Back To Our Roots

    It's September, the children are back at school (or will be tomorrow, at least!) and it's time for a new Natural History.

    When we launched back in 2009 we were a concept store, and our pages were filled with beautiful cashmere blankets, linen sheets and printed cushions and notebooks.  Our journey led us to concentrate on our own products, which have been stocked all over the world (which was wonderful) but we have always missed our concept store roots - the thrill of finding wonderful new designs and products that represent the things that are most important to us.

    So we've gone back.  We have renamed the store Natural History Mercantile to underline our return to pure retail, and as you look through our pages you will find the beautiful products that have made our return to retail so very easy - huggable leather and wool cushions from Natasha Lawless, iconic 1938 Butterfly Chairs, intricate art by the talented Josie Shenoy and dramatic necklaces and bracelets from Soru Jewellery.  We have also reintroduced magazines to our offering, including Kinfolk, Riposte, Inventory and Cereal.

    The new Natural History Mercantile is a design-driven concept store inspired by utility and style, selling authentic and small-batch homewares, skincare, provisions, accessories and paper goods.  We value warmth, friends and travel and we want our products to represent that.  The concept of hygge (pronounced "hoo-gah") has really resonated with us in our reimagining, and we hope that you can use our products to create your own air of comfort, warmth and coziness in  your home.

    If you still yearn for the products we have made ourselves, you can still find us in The Conran Shop and Fortnum & Mason, among others, and we will be relaunching our Not On The High Street storefront, as well as launching with the wonderful Country Living General Store, so don't worry - that coveted hummingbird notebook can still be yours!

  • New Products: Sneak Peek

    In just a few weeks we'll be unveiling our new concept store.  We'll still be Natural History, but there are some changes coming!  Expect a wonderful and ever-changing range of stock from the newest and most wonderful designers and apothecaries we can find.  Jewellery, skincare, furniture and magazines - we hope you will enjoy it all as much as we do! 

    Here's a sneak peek at one of the new products - I can't wait to show you the whole thing.

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