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As a website design company in London we are immersed in the latest trends in all industries. Our location in Shoreditch means that we are fully plugged in to the latest technical developments and shifts, so we are always at the cutting edge.

Natural History was originally founded in 2009 as a design studio by Sarah Lidwell-Durnin. Focussing first on product design and ecommerce for the luxury interiors industry, we worked with such top-tier retailers as Liberty, Anthropologie, Harvey Nichols, Fortnum & Mason and Lane Crawford.

Our Evolution

Naturally, the studio evolved towards digital design and tech, and now we specialise in website design, front and back end development and an ever-increasing range of technical areas, including database management, AWS and technical project management.

We are constantly learning and developing, and our growing and flexible team includes specialists in SEO, AdWords and ecommerce development.


Natural History Director - Sarah Lidwell-Durnin

Sarah Lidwell-Durnin

Sarah is the founder of Natural History and coordinates all our projects. She specialises in website and brand design as well as campaign and project management. She lives in Islington with her family, and has a background in history and languages.

Natural History Lead Developer - Harpreet Singh

Harpreet Singh

Harpreet is our lead developer, and specialises in UX and UI design. He has a keen eye for digital design trends, and can find a solution to any technical problem. He lives in the bustling city of Ludhiana with his family and plays football.

Led by Sarah and Harpreet, our international team includes an AdWords specialist, an SEO team, an online security expert, content writers and back end developers who work hard on all of our projects to deliver the highest quality results for your business.

Our team is fully remote and highly flexible, and we can bring in experts when necessary to fill in any gaps that might crop up. We are problem solvers by nature, and we have a fantastic network to call on when working on bigger or more specialised projects.

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